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Plasma Frequency Year Two Anthology

Lots of exciting news coming out this week! Also nerdy things!

First off, my story “The Shrike,” which originally appeared in Issue 11 of Plasma Frequency, won the Reader Poll to be included in Plasma Frequency’s Year Two “Best-Of” Anthology, representing Issue 11 along D.A. D’Amico’s “Bittersweet” (probably my favorite story in Issue 11, too). The Anthology will be coming out sometime in November, and I can’t wait. I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous, and I know I’m sharing ToC space with some amazing writers. So thank you to everyone who voted for “The Shrike”! It’s so crazy to see it get this kind of recognition.

I first wrote “The Shrike” for a reading I was participating in for my M.F.A. At the time I hadn’t written much flash-fiction, and I took it as a challenge to write a short piece. When I sat down at my computer I had only two images in my head–an android sitting in a chair, her arm an exposed bundle of wires, and a shrike on a fencepost, standing over a mess of fur and blood. Eventually the images merged into one, and created the incredibly dark piece you see today.

When I performed that piece at the reading it was, unluckily, preceded by a string of tooth-rotteningly sweet, silly stories. The tone of the room was bright, light-hearted, giggly. It was, perhaps, not ideal. One woman in the front row rolled her eyes at me, as I’m sure the story (especially then, in its relative infancy) came across incredibly melodramatic. And it is a melodramatic story, I’ll give anyone that. But I still love it for what it is. A bundle of wires pierced on a fencepost, rising.


Otherwise, a few things are exciting about this weekend:

  • First, Super Smash Bros 3DS releases friday, which I will be spending an obscene amount of time playing.
  • Second, the final season of Legend of Korra begins. I absolutely despise the first two seasons of Korra, and I will probably never back down on that, but the third season was actually pretty darn good. I’ll be sad to see it go, and I hope the final season lives up to the previous one.
  • I’m meeting with Neon Shudder this weekend to work on two things. The first is getting TalkJams back up and running weekly for your listening pleasure, with a brand-new, usable website. The second is a top-secret collab project (though if you’re smart, you can probably guess about what it is) that I’m crazy excited about. Keep a cybernetic eye out.


Until next time, pixel-babies.


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