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A tale of survival and guilt in a gray ashen future.

First appeared in Intellectual Refuge, March 2013

 In the New Year, a man finds horrors in the dark.

First appeared in Apparent Magnitude, Oct 2013

  • “A Temple Your Father Found” [Read Here]

 A young villager is sent to a remote island to find their place.

First appeared in Whole Beast Rag, Dec 2013

Making one’s way through a zombie apocalypse in the worst place on Earth.

First appeared in Encounters Magazine, Jan 2014.

 A man finds a worm in a dream.

First appeared in Cthulhu Haiku 2, Oct 2013

  • “A Guide to the Dagian Saints: St. Wyatt of New Hampshire” [Purchase Here]

The history of one of Dagon’s greatest devotees.

First appeared in Cthulhu Haiku 2, Oct 2013

An illegal machine is decommissioned.

First appeared in Plasma Frequency, Apr 2014

A vagrant android reads a poem.

First appeared in Hypertrophic Literary, Dec 2015